Wine & Chinese Cuisine

Such complex food; how do you know what wine to drink?

While the pairing of white wine with white meat, red wine with red meat is still to be considered, the unique and exotic flavoring of different sauces and methods of regional cooking.

Lai Wah Heen’s award winning Peking Duck, or most of the mildly seasoned beef and lamb dishes will pair perfectly with an elegant red Burgundy, as well as a new world Pinot Noir. Aged red Bordeaux, Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel are best with stewed or gamey meat, but choose wisely or will the dishes be overpowered. Riesling and Gewürztraminer have a floral nose and are ideal with medium spiced stir-fried seafood dishes. Italian Pinot Grigio is a full flavored wine with low acidity and ideal with plain poached seafood or steamed fish. Chablis style Chardonnay is well matched with milder poultry dishes with medium spice, while an oak aged full bodied one is better suited for those with heavier or spicy sauces. If you are still in doubt, the old trick is getting a bottle of Champagne, which goes well with everything.

Our manager is happy to assist you in making the perfect selection to accompany your dinner.

Canson Tsang
Proprietor & sommelier
Spring 2017

Bring Your Own Wine (BYOW)

Our patrons are welcomed to bring in their own wine. The following regulations and fee applied:
• Regular corkage fee: $ 25.00 per bottle (750 ml bottle or smaller)
• Wine is opened and served in stock glasses
• Premium corkage fee: $ 35.00 per bottle (750 ml bottle or smaller)
• Wine is opened, decanted and served in crystal glasses
• BYOW only applies to “Commercially-made wine”. It does not apply to beer, spirits or liquor.
• The wine bottle must be presented to the staff immediately upon arrival.
• The wine bottle must never been opened and re-corked.
• Furthermore, for the safety of our patrons, we reserve all rights to refuse service to anyone whom we feel has met the following conditions and those regulations stipulated in the Liquor Control Act of Ontario (AGCO).
• Persons under 19 years of age or fail to prove his/ her age with a valid identification.
• Persons who have consumed alcohol prior to entering our establishment.
• Persons who show signs of intoxication or impaired judgment.

Please be informed that the restaurant does not participate in “Take Home The Rest (THTR)” program. Opened bottle is not allowed to be removed from the restaurant.

Private Label

Partnering with Rief Estate Vineyard, Lai Wah Heen is proud to present the private label collections.

These two wines are exclusively selected by the winemaker and the sommelier after a series of tasting and matching exercise.

Black Oak, Reif Estate, Niagara VQA
A blend of Gamay and Cabernet aged in stainless steel, resulting in an aroma of cherry & blackberry with a hint of tobacco & pepper. This versatile medium-bodied red will pair with various wok-cooked or braised red meats, like the Tung Ball pork belly, or even the Hoisin sauce Peking duck.
$ 38.00 / 750ml Bottle $ 8.50 / 150ml Glass

White Sands, Reif Estate, Niagara VQA
Riesling & Vidal marry well to create a vibrant aroma of honeyed pear, golden peach & lively citrus notes with a clean, crisp & refreshing finish. This wine will pair perfectly with classic Cantonese style seafood, such as ginger & scallion lobster or supreme soup poached chicken.
$ 38.00 / 750ml Bottle $ 8.50 / 150ml Glass